Maria Kapteijns



In 2013 I finished my master Cultural Science, since that time I hve published some texts.

My texts are all in Dutch, for translation of the subjects please contact me.

As an artist I'm very interested in the way meaning production and interpretation takes place. The structuralist approach, suggesting the meaning is to be found strictly (and therefore quite rigidly) in the work, doesn't seem to match with the way artists experience meaning production. I noticed in interviews that artists tend to formulate a dynamic process of ever changing meaning. This has brought me to my thesis, and is also the underlaying premise or hypothesis of most of my articles.
2013 Afstudeerscriptie Vormen van Betekenis
2013 Ruhrgebied, framing en semiotiek
2013 Serendipiteit
2014 Kunst als productieve verwarring
2015 Natuurlijk Grafiek
2016 Blauwdruk, artikel in RAAM1603
2016 Werkplaatsen 3.0
Thesis about the dynamics of meaning and interpretation as formulated by artists, based on the semiotic theory of Peirce.

Text about the changed meaning of a former industrial area in Germany

About the important role of coincidence
How meaning and a narrativity take place in the head of the artist and the public instead in the work of art, as suggested by structuralist art theories
Article written for a magazine about nature and nature preservation, about an exhition showing contemporary prints about nature
Article about a members exhibition of a printers society. It appeared to be a nice showcase how the history of the language and styles of art can be recognized in contemporary work
Article about the role of printers workshops and contemporary forms of collaboration