Maria Kapteijns

Swarm behaviour

A series of work in which people, moving around in the city, are studied concerning swarm behaviour

Swarm behaviour can be caught in a mathematical model, described by three rules to be followed:
1. Move in the same direction as your neighbours
2. Remain close to your neighbours
3. Avoid collisions with your neighbours

Emergence is a phenomenon whereby on a higher level properties can be found, that are not present in a lower level. For example an ants nest seems to harbor complex behaviour, without anyone in charge or even without awareness of the ants about the goal of their behaviour. Reacting on chemical stimuli from other ants they do their part of the job, leaving behind a stimulus for the other ants.
As a result collective decisions seems to be made, resulting in care for the larvae, defence of the nest, collaboration in moving preys to the nest, finding the quikest path to food, etc.