Maria Kapteijns
During 2 to 3 hours future queens and male ants fly out, all nests in the city at the same time, sometimes even in the whole region or the whole country. Thousands of flying ants (Lasius Niger) in their nuptial flight, opting for an unknown future. Afterwards their wings can be found in the streets.

tempus arti - with Valentijn Dijkmeijer
An installation with luminous boxes in a dark room, suggesting a series of people jumping into a void. We were able to show this installation in an exhibition, curated by Jan Hoet. The Tempus Arti project guided the visitors to a number of unusual locations, that all could be reached by bike.

Text in the catalogue, by Tim Cleuren:
The work of Maria Kapteijns and Valentijn Dijkmeijer fits perfectly in this location. It is an old water reservoir that is characterized by strong repeating elements. The visitor needs to go down in an unknown space. The dark room is lightened by several frames that picture a person who is jumping into a void. They play with our perception of time where jumping becomes a non-action and fragmental.

insects, people and metaphors
Drawing all those insects, falling into oblivion, I started to see them as humans, comparing their crash to the jump into the unknown, that we make every now and then. So people entered my work, at first replacing the insects as metaphors, or the other way around, as if the insects had been a metaphor all along, with their tragedies and dramas.