Maria Kapteijns
Rhythms and patterns
all taking the same route

Series of works, that will probably never really stop, in which the rhythm of people in cities all taking the same path, is emphasized.

time lapse in 2d
I prefer the bird’s-eye view, looking from above at crowded places, preferrably squares in big cities, where one spot can function as the scene for changing actors. It’s like a movie, but then I show every still, as in a new decor that expands through time.
I make use of the fact that in some locations people all have the same routine, like swarm behaviour, or rather like ants. If you find a good spot to take a picture of someone, you can probably shoot lots of good pictures from the same point of view for most people take the same route to cross the square. Some squares appear to be frightning, like everybody got struck by agorafobia. People stay close to the buildings  at the sides, like mice in your livingroom.